With all around picture window visibility and mode of tomorrow decorating. Pontiac interiors are the essence of modernity and the last word in comfort.

Strato Streak

Pontiac owners tell us that the finest thrills of a motoring lifetime are those that follow delivery of a new Pontiac. All the expected delights of new car ownership are wondrously increased. Driving is twice the fun, an exciting new source of pride and pleasure again! That’s good to hear because that is exactly why we gave this Pontiac such dashing beauty…made it smartly low…built as big as high-priced cars…adorned it with exclusive Vougue Two-Tone styling…and designed interiors of luxury and distinction that, like its styling, won’t be matched by any car at any price. And that too, is why we created an engine and chassis unsurpassed in their field! Strato-Streak V-8 performance is completly removed from the commonplace, as are Pontiac’s luxury ride and sports car handling ease. More power per dollar than any car of it’s price, more take off punch, more passing drive, more years of smooth performance. These are some of the spectacular results that fill every mile and minute with all new driving thrills. If we described your kind of car, here’s more good news. Prices begin with the very lowest! See your dealer, drive a Pontiac today!