Sporty Luxury

People look at our Pontiac Grand Prix and the first thing that comes into their heads is luxury. They’re right. At least partly. It’s a very luxurious car. But the Grand Prix is a very sporty car. Now we don’t toss around claims like that just because Grand Prix has bucket seats. There’s more to it. The entire front passenger compartment is designed like a cockpit. The instruments and controls are built around the driver. Totally in fact, the front passenger has nothing to do but…well sit back and be a passenger. That’s a great duty in a Grand Prix. Because so many of the things that make G.P. sporty for the driver make life pretty soft for the passenger. Things like Wide-Track ride. A tuned suspension. Power front disc brakes. Variable ratio power steering. The 350-hp, 400-cu in. V-8. Long wearing bias belted tires. And the protection provided by the steel beam in each door. See how we’ve woven the sport and the luxury together? It’s a good point to remember. Especially if you should decide that the typical luxury car doesn’t hold quite enough excitement for you.